Forever Young

Developments in cosmetic medicine have proceeded at a rapid pace in last few years. But are all the developments equally welcome? And are all their practitioners real doctors? Three experts have their say.

Erasmus MC offers botox lessons. Tamar Nijsten knew the decision to set up the country’s first formal training course in cosmetic dermatology would cause a stir. So the head of the department of dermatology at Erasmus MC chose his words carefully when making the announcement. But when the first headlines with the words 'botox lessons' hit the front pages three years ago, the board of directors was on the line immediately. "I got the call at half past seven that morning — I still remember that," he says with a smile, now that he can laugh about it. "But I’d still make the same decision. Developments in cosmetic medicine were proceeding at such a rapid pace that Erasmus MC could not afford to be left behind. After all, training is one of our core duties."

Read the whole interview with ea. magazine.

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