Future of work report sees women's jobs at greatest risk

Erasmus School of Economics

As Davos kicks off on Tuesday, a new report released by the World Economic Forum highlights the disruption that technology and other factors will have on jobs in coming years, disproportionately threatening posts occupied by women. An article on the website of France 24 discusses this subject and pays attention to the research of Anne Boring, Assistant Professor at Erasmus School of Economics.  

According to Boring, the trend is global and affects every country similarly. A specialist in gender equality, Boring notes that some of the existing fields traditionally occupied by women, like care and home services, are at low-risk. Women working in other fields, specifically the STEM-field, will notice the requirement of higher levels of specialized skills and knowledge.  Boring also states a solution for the problem, which is that women should be given more and better information about the consequences of their choice of studies.