Henk-Jan Boele nominated for the title of Science Talent 2019

Who has the biggest scientific mind of the Netherlands and Flanders? Dr. Henk-Jan Boele (Neuro sciences, Erasmus University Rotterdam) is one of the 25 nominated researchers for the New Scientist Science Talent Award 2019. 

How our brain learns, feels, thinks and remembers 

Henk-Jan Boele is researching the physical wiring of our brain and is trying to discover how the brain teaches itself movements, feels things, thinks and forms memories. With every new memory or new experience our brain transforms a little. The physical wiring of our brain changes. In just a few days new connections can be formed between different brain areas. 

He is studying how those changes in the brain exactly happen. Which cells become active, what new wiring does the brain install? What are the underlying moleculair mechanisms of those changes? Henk-Jan hopes that his research kan contribute towards therapy for those brains which can function as well anymore because of illness.

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You can vote until Monday the 6th of May. 

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