IBCoM to host Lustrum Event with keynote, lectures, workshops, and Reunion Party

The International Bachelor in Communication and Media (IBCoM) has just welcomed its 10th cohort of students to the programme. To celebrate its 10-year anniversary, IBCoM has put together an IBCoM Lustrum Event for alumni and (old) colleagues and friends of IBCoM. The event will be opened by Prof. dr. Susanne Janssen, Founding Dean of IBCoM, followed by a keynote by Philip Doyle, Director of Communications and Campaigns at Amnesty International.

Lectures & Workshops

The afternoon will further consist of lectures by lecturers that alumni will likely remember from their time within the programme. With topics such as corporate responsibility and sustainability, privacy and surveillance, and the future of Media and Communication, the participants are in for both a knowledge-refresher in the field of Media and Communication and a nostalgic feeling of being in a lecture room together with their former classmates. In addition to these open lectures, there are multiple smaller scale sessions that registration is required for, including an Alumni Panel, a tour at the CLI & Studio, a workshop on NGO social media strategy, and a special PAC event. 

Professional Advisory Committee (PAC) Event on the "Post-trust era"

Trust and authority are challenged by fake news and misinformation in the post-trust era. What does the decline of trust mean for organizations and society at large? Do businesses and individuals carry responsibility for the pickle we find our world in? How do we make positive change through our expertise in media and communication? Which stands should we take strong and act on? These questions and more will be central in the discussions in the PAC session "Making Positive Change in the Post-Trust Era: Challenges for businesses and individuals". Here, participants will have roundtable discussions with experienced practitioners and alumni, plus a small number of students.

Alumni Panel open to students

At the Alumni Panel, 5 former IBCoMmers will talk about their journeys within and after IBCoM. What have they done shortly after graduation? What was their first job? What examples of elements of the IBCoM programme do they value most, now that they have been able to apply what they learned into the work field? How have they acquired their current position, and what did it take to get there? How do they see the future? And what tips would they have for the current generations of IBCoM students? In this session, hosted by Dr. Mijke Slot, students are welcome to join to get inspired by some examples of paths people before them have gone on after graduating the Communication and Media programme at Erasmus University Rotterdam. Students can purchase a ticket for this alumni panel here. After the Alumni Panel, they are welcome to stick around for the closing networking drinks to further interact with IBCoM alumni and other invited practitioners who are now all professionals in the field.

Get your Alumni Panel ticket here!

Full Programme

The full programme can be downloaded below.

IBCoM Reunion Party

After the Lustrum Event's afternoon programme, there will be an IBCoM Reunion Party held at Annabel (Schiestraat 20, 3013 AH Rotterdam from 21:00-01:30) for our alumni to relive their IBCoM student life together with their former classmates. We aim to make it a night full of nostalgia and throwback moments, both in music and in other ways! Tickets can be bought online and at the door (€12,50). Students are also welcome to join the festivities.


Alumni can sign up for the event through the IBCoM Lustrum webpage. Students will receive a message with instructions for how to sign up. It is also possible to register on the day itself in the foyer of Erasmus Paviljoen (IBCoM alumni and students only).