IBCoM scores highly in the Dutch Keuzegids Universiteiten 2017

The "Keuzegids Universiteiten" is distributed annually, by the Centre for Higher Education Information (CHOI). It is a guide, in which prospective students can get an overview of how a programme is appreciated by its students. For example, programmes are scored on their content, quality of the lecturers, attention given to academic skills and facilities. The Guide is meant to help prospective students choose a Bachelor's programme that suits them and their needs.

This year, IBCoM occupies again a top position in the rankings. IBCoM distinghuished itself from other programmes, among other things, through the very positive assessment (++) it received from academic experts, the strong performance of its 1
st year students, and the students’ high appreciation of both the academic education and the practical skills training they receive. The IBCoM programme also has the highest score when it comes to focus on the international labour market. The Guide hence features IBCoM as a ‘recommended’ programme in the field of communication and media.

Among the communication (and media) programmes in the Netherlands, IBCoM is truly unique. It is the only English spoken programme at University level, with a balance between theory and practice. Its small-scaled set-up allows staff to pay personal attention to all students, who are known to develop a high sense of community from the very beginning. The opportunity for students to customize the programme to their own interests is highly appreciated by our students, who value our broad approach towards Media and Communication.

IBCoM students have an international mind-set and many of them take the opportunity to go on exchange. They are ambitious and motivated students, with a keen interest in the broad field that is Communication and Media.

We are very happy with this positive assessment in the Keuzegids Universiteiten 2017, and thrive to at least maintain this score for 2018.

Students interested in applying for IBCoM can visit our Prospective Students Page: http://www.eshcc.eur.nl/english/ibcom/prospective/