"It’s not complicated to discover your talents, just ask the right questions."

On March 21st, our first EUR Connect Coachcafé took place. Coachcafé is a successful concept where volunteer Erasmus alumni, trained for this particular event, coach Master students and young alumni. The way to help them find out more about their dreams and what steps to take next in their careers. This first EUR Connect Coachcafé was a great success: three visitors share their experience. 

We are happy to announce that more editions of the Coachcafé are coming up: October 9 and November 6. Register now!

Caetano Kluyver: "What appealed to me was that all the coaches are Erasmus alumni themselves."

Caetano Kluyver (25), Global Business and Sustainability at RSM, just graduated: "I’m figuring out what sort of jobs are out there and which ones would suit my interests. I’m deliberating my next steps. 
What appealed to me was that all the coaches are Erasmus alumni themselves. The evening had a nice and open ambiance – I felt at ease immediately. There was a perfect mix between a laid-back mood and a serious approach. You can meet new people, find inspiration to think about what you want, and I felt relaxed enough to talk freely. Normally your thoughts about future steps are an inside-your-head type of process. This way you can share thoughts and get feedback on your ideas, which is helpful.”

Nienke Appels: "The coaches triggered some personal insights by asking the right questions."

Nienke Appels (25), MSc Marketing Management at RSM, graduated July 2016: "I enjoyed the evening a lot. Yes, it is scary to attend events where you literally don’t know anyone. It gave me some valuable insights, however. Due to some recent events I ended up in a situation where I don’t know where I’m headed, career-wise. The coaches triggered some personal insights by asking the right questions. In addition, the event had this great atmosphere where everyone shared opinions in a respectful way. Since we were all ‘strangers’ to each other, these opinions were completely unbiased. I would therefore recommend attending this event wholeheartedly, even if it’s only for the great networking moment."

William Kastelein: "It gave me renewed energy to effectively pursue my dreams."

William Kastelein (23), Master Audit, Accounting & Control at ESE, graduated December 2017: "I was surprised by the diversity in attendees. They were all students, but we all had such different dreams and ideas about our future. I would never think of running a museum, or have my own beach house in Germany. I was very encouraging to discuss our dreams and to hear the dreams of other people. It gave me renewed energy to effectively pursue my dreams. I got more specific insights about how I can utilize my talents to reach my short-term as well as my long-term goals. Now I know: in addition to my professional career at ProRail (I’m Finance trainee bij ProRail) I would like to start a post-doctoral Register Controller."

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EUR Connect Coachcafés for young alumni and Master students will take place at Café Engels. 
On 9 October 2018: buy tickets.
On 6 November 2018: buy tickets.

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