KidsRights Index 2020 report receives global media attention

The KidsRights Index 2020, which has been developed in collaboration with Erasmus School of Economics, has received a great amount of attention worldwide due to its findings in light of the corona crisis. The topic has been extensively covered in the media, with the biggest media coverage in Brazil and a global reach of more than 2.5 billion people.

Devastating consequences of the corona crisis on children's rights

The KidsRights Index 2020 has been picked up by news outlets such as The Guardian, India Times and Le Monde and has received an overwhelming amount of attention. The Index shows that countries worldwide allocate insufficient funding for furthering children’s rights, particularly in domains such as protection, health, and education. With the economic consequences of the corona crisis, there are no expectations that this will change anytime soon. Due to the outbreak of the corona virus, school closures in 188 countries affect 1.5 billion children, leaving boys and girls extra vulnerable to child labour, child marriage, and teenage pregnancy.

'The crisis turns back the clock on years of progress'

The article with the largest global reach was from British newspaper The Guardian, reaching over 500 million views. The article titled ‘Global report: ‘disaster’ looms for millions of children as WHO warns of second peak’, reported how millions of children would fall into extreme poverty because of the outbreak. The article also quotes KidsRights’ founder and chairman Marc Dullaert, who said that ‘the crisis turns back the clock on years of progress made on the wellbeing of children.’

About KidsRights

The KidsRights Index is an initiative of the KidsRights Foundation, in cooperation with Erasmus School of Economics and the International Institute of Social Studies. The KidsRights Index is the first and only ranking that measures how children’s rights are respected worldwide and to what extent governments worldwide are committed to improving the rights of children.

More information

The full KidsRights Index 2020 can be downloaded above. 

The article from The Guardian, 26 May 2020, can be found here

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