Laura Braden receives VENI-scholarship for project on interdisciplinary creative careers

ERMeCC member Dr. Laura Braden from the Department of Arts and Culture Studies is one of eleven talented researchers from Erasmus University who have received a VENI-scholarship from NWO. 

In the next three years she will conduct research on how designers integrate multiple disciplines in their work for the purpose of building a successful career.

Design for success

While interdisciplinary working is a much-discussed topic, there is little knowledge about the effect that interdisciplinarity has on working people.

In her VENI-project Braden will research how designers integrate multiple disciplines into their work to become more successful. When we know how creative work is conducted under the influence of different disciplinary standard, Braden thinks that we also learn more about the shifting values concerning modern working.


Researchers who receive a VENI-scholarship from the NWO get to do three years of research on a topic to their choosing. The recipients of this year will focus on a wide range of topics, from the rediscovery of medieval art by surrealists to the way that the brain solves complex problems.