Law student Sem Nouws makes impact with The Nationale DenkTank

In recent months, law student Sem Nouws has contributed to a solution for the question: 'How do we achieve a digital society that is healthy, resilient, fair and inclusive? The partial solution Sem Nouws helped to devise, 'Data to the people', must better regulate data flows in order to protect internet users. He is currently discussing this solution with the Temporary Parliamentary Committee on the Digital Future.

Turning up the thermostat, ordering a pizza via the app and watching a film on Netflix. Many people have no idea that data is stored about these actions. Companies store data for their own use, but they can also just sell it on without the user knowing.

Data to the People

Data to the People is a policy vision with concrete directions to reform and expand the current policy. It must create more protection for the end user in relation to the data collector. In this way, the policy increases democratic control over data, and abuse, manipulation and privacy violations can be counteracted at both the individual level and the level of the democratic constitutional state as a whole,' can be read in the final report.

Commitment to a just digital society

"I wanted to work for a more equitable digital society and ensure that digitalisation does justice to all people in our society in a fair way," says Sem Nouws, who graduated from Erasmus University Rotterdam's Law bachelor's programme last summer. "And The Nationale DenkTank has also opened many doors for me personally. It was a very valuable experience."

About the Nationale DenkTank

Every year the Nationale DenkTank selects excellent masterstudents, recent graduates and doctoral candidates from a wide range of study backgrounds. They are selected on the basis of intellectual capabilities, collaboration, drive, creativity and social commitment. Erasmus University Rotterdam is a partner of the Nationale DenkTank.

More information

Press Office Erasmus University Rotterdam, T (010) 408 1216 E

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