Master students provide solutions to real-life business cases

The past eight weeks, students of the Data Science and Marketing Analytics programme at Erasmus School of Economics have worked full time (and maybe more) to provide theoretically grounded, data-driven solutions to five real-life business cases. 

In these cases, students
1) built personalised recommendation systems for SphereMall; 
2) made individual-level purchase and e-mail engagement predictions for fans of Feyenoord Rotterdam; 
3) assessed the short-term impact of TV commercials on Coolblue's website visits and tried to determine the causes of such increase; 
4) developed data-driven recommendations to improve the efficiency of KPN's direct marketing campaigns across channels, from e-mail marketing to telemarketing; and 
5) used text mining tools to help UNICEF Nederland improve their social media communications.

At the end of the project, all teams presented their findings to the companies. The presentations that provided the most relevant marketing insights were rewarded with a Certificate of Excellence. It was a great experience for the students that provided valuable insights for the participating companies!