MT meeting

MT meeting AI MAPS

By Ekaterina Voynova 

The AI MAPS project is a complex initiative that requires a dedicated and collaborative effort from all researchers, to represent the different disciplines and points of view. We ensure the smooth execution of the project by meeting once every two weeks to discuss progress, challenges, and potential solutions. During these meetings, the team members brainstorm ideas, share insights, and coordinate their efforts to achieve project milestones. These meetings serve as an essential platform for communication and collaboration, enabling the team to work effectively towards our common goal.

Additionally, the AI MAPS holds plenary meetings with all partners once every third meeting. These meetings provide an opportunity for the team to share project updates and receive feedback. The plenary meetings cover a wide range of topics, including future events, stakeholder engagement, research questions, project governance structure, and research topic approach. Through these meetings, the project management team can identify potential risks and opportunities and develop strategies to address them, ultimately enhancing the project's success. Overall, the AI MAPS project management team's meetings are a crucial element in ensuring the project's timely and effective delivery.

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