NCA-ESE Honours Class Public Finance

At the end of October, a new honours class in Public Finance has started. This honours class is designed specifically for master students in the field of Policy Economics and invites them to think critically about the various aspects of government spending.

Topics that will be discussed in the honours class are among others stabilisation policy, the criteria concerning deficits and debts of the Eurozone governments, management of public finances, and government accountability for public expenses.

The honours class is organized jointly with the Netherlands Court of Audit (NCA). It takes place in block 2 and 3 and consists of 7 lectures and 1 conference day on which students present their papers. The programme has interesting guest speakers from Erasmus University Rotterdam, the Netherlands Court of Audit, the European Commission, the House of Representatives, and the Dutch Ministry of Finance. Students who complete the programme successfully receive a certificate and 4 ECTS.

Bachelor-3 students who are enthusiastic about this honours programme, are encouraged to choose the master Policy Economics and apply for the honours class Public Finance in the academic year 2018-2019.

More information about the honours class Public Finance can be found in the course guide.