New in the collection: Oxford Handbooks Online

The database Oxford Handbooks Online (OHO) provides access to a selection of handbooks in the fields of:

  • Business and Management (2016 and 2017 collection)
  • Economics and Finance (2016 and 2017 collection)
  • History (2013 and 2017 collection)
  • Philosophy (Foundation and 2012-2017 collection)

Titles include: The Oxford Handbook of Banking and Financial History, The Oxford Handbook of Women and the Economy, The Oxford Handbook of Well-Being and Public Policy, The Oxford Handbook of Genocide StudiesThe Oxford Handbook of Oral History and The Oxford Handbook of Philosophy of Economics.


Each handbook offers thorough introductions to topics and a critical survey of the current state of scholarship. The chapters are written by the world’s leading scholars of the field. The Oxford Handbooks are very good starting points to get familiar with the main theories, thinkers and discussions within a specific topic.