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In a new series of podcasts and interviews of Studio Erasmus, some of Rotterdam's leading researcher reflect on the impact of the coronacrisis. What is the political, economic, cultural and social impact of this pandemic? How should we interpret what is happening right now? What will this virus do to our constitutional state? And to childcare? And what about the geopolitical relations? What would a world after corona look like? In the first edition: Marli Huijer (ESPhil) on public philosophy in times of corona.

Ask the difficult questions

Each week, interviewer Geert Maarse will call a prominent researcher. In the first episode, he enters a dialogue with philosopher Marli Huijer. 

Which handles does public philosophy offer in times of quarantine? What can rhythm and discipline teach us? Marli Huijer puts us with both feet on the ground and pleas for asking the uncomfortable - yet essential - questions. An interview about mortality, the necessity to protect our democratic values and the power of vulnerability.

About Marli Huijer

Marli Huijer is Professor in Public Philosopy at Erasmus University Rotterdam and former general practitioner. She finished a PhD on the work of Michel Foucault, and wrote countless books about seemingly everyday topics, such as Ritme (2011), Discipline (2013) and Beminnen (2018). Her new book, about the islam in Europe is coming out next fall.

Studio Erasmus - Marli Huijer over publieksfilosofie in tijden van corona

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Looking for some reflection in these strange times? Listen to our podcast or watch the video interviews. And stay tuned for the next episodes, with guests such as Lucas Meijer (Professor in voluntary work) and Jos de Mul (Professor in Philosophical Anthropology), who will join the virtual round table of Geert Maarse.

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Prof.dr. Marli Huijer
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Surprising and exciting, yet always academically correct: that is the recurring science talkshow of Erasmus University Rotterdam. Studio Erasmus is a programme of Erasmus University Rotterdam, in collaboration with Studium Generale, Vers Beton and Theatre Rotterdam. Host Geert Maarse usually talks to his guests in a crowded lobby of the theatre. Watch old and more recent episodes or listen to the podcasts.

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