Online Singing & Songwriting Workshop

In these online music lessons, you’ll improve your singing and find more ways to practice it in your free time and get an insight into song-writing and composing. When we can organize the Open Stage Nights again, you can perform your own written song!

In the online music lessons, we will cover the basics of healthy singing, vocal technique and will be introduced to the process of song-writing.

Music lessons include:

  • Doing basic warm ups for the voice (you will be introduced to a proper breathing technique and vocal training exercises)
  • Introduction into vocal techniques
  • Songwriting and composing
  • Spoken language: English

Workshop teacher: Natalia Kharetskaya
Natalia Kharetskaya is a professional jazz vocalist and composer from Lithuania, who has recently graduated from Codarts University of the Arts. As a vocalist she has participated in various international shows and singing competitions such as Riga Jazz Stage, Eurovision, The voice.  She is currently busy with composing and arranging  for various ensembles, performing as a session musician and conducting creative workshops and music lessons. More information:

  • Price for a 30min trial lesson – €10 (billed after the lesson)
  • Price for 3 30min lessons in April – €40 (billed in the beginning of the course)

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