Our alumni around the globe

Alumni event in Geneva 2018

As part of Erasmus University Rotterdams commitment to engaging with our international community, alumni around the globe have been invited to reconnect with the school and with one another. Not only through EUR Connect, but also in real life. In the past years social gatherings with EUR alumni took place in Mexico City, London, Bangalore, Geneva and Delhi.

Read on for the experience of the organising staff: 'The first gathering in Mexico City was a great success. Alumni from all sorts of professions from different backgrounds, young and old connected over having a common Alma mater. It was the Erasmus spirit, found in the heart of Mexico. That first time there were about forty people. And the amazing part of the programme was the introduction round. All alumni stand up one after the other, explaining who they were and what they were doing in the region. Right after that people started to exchange business cards, connecting on the spot. Similar gatherings took place in India, Mexico, the UK and Switzerland and EUR always invites someone from the Dutch embassy as well. And sometimes, like last year in New Delhi, the EUR event was held at the embassy.

Its impressive to see what our alumni have accomplished. In Geneva there were a lot of people working for United Nations and NGOs. In London, it was a wonderful mix of investment bankers and brokers with government and NGOs. The best thing is that these meetings bring people together who would not have met at university. But somehow they ended up in the same place and are strongly connected through the same alumni network.'

EUR Connect

The alumni community of Erasmus University Rotterdam is a global network of over 120,000 former students. Economists, philosophers, doctors, historians, lawyers, entrepreneurs, diplomats and more form a strong and divers network of professionals that benefits knowledge, career and professional development. 

 We like to keep you informed about news, research and events. Also we like to stay connected with you. Together there is so much we can achieve. We look forward to meeting you in our online community EUR Connect, at one of our events around the globe or back on campus in Rotterdam.