Peace talks with Colombia's second-largest rebel group

Fabio Andrez Diaz

PhD researcher, Fabio Andres Diaz, publishes article on online news site The Conversation about peace talks between the Colombian government and the country's second-largest guerilla group, the National Liberation Army (ELN).

The peace talks started on 7 February 2017, two months after the Colombian governement signed a peace agreement with the largest guerilla group, FARC.

Diaz argues that a peace deal with ELN is a necessary next step in ending the country’s 50-year civil war. It will also allow the government to consider new peace-building responses for Colombia.

He argues that, due to the different tactics used by ELN (which sought to co-opt and manipulate existing institutions while seeking the support of local social movements rather than adopt FARC's tactic of trying to replace the state), the peace negotiations with the group will include input from civil society including environmental groups and trade unions. This will enable wider-ranging national negotiations that could support a broader peace-building exercise.

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