PhD defence of Taylan Yenilmez on Friday 27 November 2015

On Friday 27 November 2015 Taylan Yenilmez will defend his PhD thesis entitled 'Three Essays on International Trade and Development'. Supervsior is Professor Otto Swank (Erasmus School of Economics) and co-supervisor is Dr. Maarten Bosker (Erasmus School of Economics). Other members of the Doctoral Committee are Professor Jean Marie Viaene (Erasmus School of Economics), Professor Gabriel Felbermayr (Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München) and Professor Gonzague Vannoorenberghe (Tilburg University).

Time and location

The PhD defence will take place in the Senate Hall of Erasmus University Rotterdam and will start at 09.30 hrs.

About Taylan Yenilmez

Taylan Yenilmez received BS (2007) in Industrial Engineering from Bogazici University. He holds an MA degree in economics from Bogazici University (2010) and an MPhil degree in economics from Tinbergen Institute (2011). His research focuses on international trade, development economics, social and economic networks.

Abstract of 'Three Essays on International Trade and Development'

This dissertation is comprised of three essays on international trade and development. The significance of international trade on developing economies has been increasing. During the last era of globalization, many developing countries reduced their trade barriers, joined the world trade network and switched to export-oriented growth policies. As a result, today, international trade is more important for developing countries and it has stronger implications on the process of development. Despite taking place in the same system of world trade, developing economies have quite different characteristics than the developed ones. These characteristics may lead to significant changes in the economic impact of international trade for developing countries and policy prescriptions particular to the developing world. Therefore, there must be a line of research on international trade that takes particularities of developing countries into account to reach better results and policy prescriptions for these countries. In that regard, this dissertation attempts to do developing country-specific research on trade policy and the impact of trade liberalization.

More information

Taylan Yenilmez conducted his doctoral research at the Tinbergen Institute. The Tinbergen Institute is a joint research institute of Erasmus School of Economics, Erasmus University Rotterdam, Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Amsterdam and Faculty of Economics and Business Administration of VU University Amsterdam.

For more information about this ceremony, please contact Ronald de Groot, Communication Officer of the Erasmus School of Economics phone +31 10 408 1762 or by e-mail:

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