Piet Hagenaars interviewed by Kunstzone on art education in the Netherlands

In a recent interview with the Dutch magazine Kunstzone, art education specialists Piet Hagenaars(photo), Folkert Haanstra en Diederik Schönau, have talked about the opportunities and challenges for the field of art education in the Netherlands in future
years. They state that there is still significant work to
be done to improve upon the existing programs, by investing in teacher training programs, closer collaborations between art institutions and schools, and a more explicit study of contemporary art within the arts subject, especialy in primary education.

The entire text of the interview can be found here. In addition, a video recording of the interview can be found here (part one) and here (part two).

Piet Hagenaars is a long-time expert in the field of art education in the Netherlands. He has worked as the managing director of 'Cultuurnetwerk Nederland', the National Centre of Expertise for Cultural Education and Amateur Arts (LKCA) and also of the Fontys University of Applied Sciences for Art in Tilburg, and he is nowadays, among other things, active as the chairman of the National Strategic Council for Arts Education. He is currently also appointed as associate researcher at the Centre for Historical Culture, where he is writing a dissertation about art education policies in the Netherlands since 1975.

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