The Politics of Climate Change and Planetary Urbanization

The Politics of Climate Change and Planetary Urbanization
Joia de Jong

How struggles for sustainability are (re)making urban spaces

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Transitions are long-term transformations of normality. However, most transition theories and discourses downplay the political nature of transitions. Urban sustainability challenges (e.g. impact of climate change, urban smog, economic crisis) provide useful entry points to investigate transition politics. Urban transition politics can be conceptualized by combining insights from transition research, critical urban studies and (urban) governmentality research. We can witness how different urban histories and new political rationalities shape sustainable spaces (e.g. floating houses and community gardens). However, urban transition politics is a messy practice and does not ‘automatically’ lead to more sustainable and just cities. A radical transition ethics could enable researchers and professionals to engage with urban eco-spaces more democratically.

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