Prof. dr. Liesbeth van Rossum has been chosen as Rotterdam Woman of the Year

Today, Monday 8 March is International Women's Day. This morning, VENA organised an online meeting in which Prof. Liesbeth van Rossum has discussed the theme 'How can you make an impact?' Van Rossum, who has just been named Rotterdam Woman of the Year: 'I think it is even more important that research results are used more widely in society, and not just within the walls of Erasmus MC. '

Liesbeth van Rossum makes a lot of impact with her research and way of presenting. She is an internist-endocrinologist and professor in the field of obesity and biological stress research. She has recently written a book called Vet Belangrijk (Fat - the secret organ), which has won several international (public) awards and made sure that combined lifestyle intervention was included in the basic health care package for overweight people. She is therefore placed within the top 10 of most influential women in health care and has been named "Rotterdam Woman of the Year".


Today's meeting was organized by VENA: the network of women who work at Erasmus MC and who want to advance in their career. During the interactive Zoom meeting, Van Rossum has shared how she ended up in that influential position. Van Rossum: "I often get ideas for new research in the consulting room. But it is important to bring the results of that research back to every-day-life. Also for the patients, who I will never see in my doctor's office, but who do have the same problems. By communicating about it, you make it much more accessible. That way you can make a difference for your patients and for society. "

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Employees of Erasmus MC can find more information about VENA on the Agora page of VENA or by sending an email to

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