Prof. Richard Staring (Criminology) receives grant for LDE-research mobility and border security

On 21 may prof. Richard Staring, prof. Maartje van de Woude and prof. Joanne van der Leun received a grant for their research proposal ‘National and Local consequences of global mobility in the context of border security’. 

Richard Staring, Maartje van de Woude and Joanne van der Leun received a green light from prof. dr. ir. Genserik Reniers, the director of Leiden-Delft-Erasmus (LDE) Safety and Security Centre, to develop and write a full research proposal for NWO or EU Horizon 2020 and organize an international research meeting and seminar.

National and Local consequences of global mobility in the context of border security’ will focus on how top-down European Union requirements and policies of internal and external border security intermingle and interfere with national policies, practices and regional cultures that deal with cross-border mobilities as transnational terrorism and mass (refugee) migration. Questions to be answered in this international research project focus on local as well as on (inter)national consequences of these divergent traditions by discerning different forms of internal as well as external modes of control and border security and their local and international impact on global mobility.

In doing so the research will relate to two central research fields within the LDE Safety and Security Centre. It will, first of all, clarify the (local) public’s perceptions and meanings on security in several border areas. Secondly, the research will deal with legal as well as moral and ethical aspects surrounding border security.

About the strategic LDE-alliance

Leiden University, TU Delft and Erasmus University Rotterdam work together in numerous areas in education, research and valorisation. In the Strategic Alliance, established in 2012, the three universities are building on this and intensifying their existing collaboration. In the future, the alliance will continue to take shape in areas in which it offers added value and where the universities complement and reinforce each other.

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