Prof. Schelhaas on possible privileges for vaccinated persons

In a recent podcast, Harriët Schelhaas, professor of Private Law at Erasmus School of Law, talks about the possibility of introducing privileges for people who have been vaccinated against the coronavirus. Is it permissible to allow only vaccinated people to a festival or football match? The podcast, Juridisch Geneuzel, is a popular, multi-episode podcast that discusses current legal issues in an accessible manner using juicy statements. This time, it is about corona.

Schelhaas states in the podcast that handing out privileges to vaccinated persons is a sensitive issue, which is in principle possible between private parties based on the principle of freedom of contract. However, according to Schelhaas, there are limitations to this. These are related to the right to privacy, and the fact that this cannot lead to an indirect vaccination obligation.

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Listen to Schelhaas's explanation of this matter here (from 11:20).

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