Jan Monsma appointed endowed professor of the chair Local Authority Taxes

The J.H. Christiaanse foundation has appointed Jan Monsma as endowed professor of the chair Local Authority Taxes and as scientific director of the Erasmus Study Center for Local Authority Taxes (ESBL).

As of January 1, 2016, the JH Christiaanse foundation has appointed mr. dr. J. A. (Jan) Monsma professor of the special chair Local Authority Taxes. As of this year Mr. Monsma will also be the scientific director of the Erasmus Study Center for Local Authority Taxes (ESBL).

Jan Monsma previously held this special chair during the period 1999-2009. Besides being a professor he furthermore is chairman of the Department of Fiscal Law in the Arnhem-Leeuwarden court. Jan Monsma can boast in a long-term fiscal career holding very diverse functions. From tax inspector to advisor, from editor to annotator and from policy staff member to scientist. In 2002 he joined the judiciary magistracy as counselor.

Expansion municipal tax legislation 
With the appointment of Jan Monsma the ESBL is taking a deliberate step to be actively involved in the most current developments concerning the expansion of the municipal tax legislation. "We are delighted that Jan Monsma will occupy this special chair again," says Arri Hartog, chairman of the board of the foundation. "He belongs to the top authorities in the field of local taxes and property tax law. As a result of his many years of experience he is in an excellent position to link science with best practice. His experience as counselor will be of very great value as well. "
The newly appointed professor says he wants to focus on two major topics: the expansion of the municipal tax legislation with 4 billion euros as part of the Tax Plan and the upcoming changes in the Special Act for Real Estate assessment. "Multi-party litigations and the possibility of value increase in the context of procedures signify huge changes for the municipalities but also for the judiciary", explains Professor Monsma. "I am looking forward to again commit my knowledge, experience and creativity during the coming years to this discipline, the ESBL and the Erasmus School of Law, which I support wholeheartedly."

The special chair Local Authority Taxes is funded by the JH Christiaanse foundation. Traditionally this foundation has a financial and administrative relationship with the ESBL. The ESBL is a leading scientific- judicial study and knowledge center in the field of local authority taxation. The ESBL research institute is linked to the Department of Fiscal Law of the Erasmus School of Law at the Erasmus University Rotterdam.