Public talk and workshop by C. Sathyamala on reprodcutive politics in Southern Africa and India

C. Sathyamala

ISS researcher C. Sathyamala took part in a workshop and gave a public talk at Cape Town University on 'Fertile extractions: Women and birth in the global South'.

On 25 and 26 May, PhD graduate and current researcher at ISS, C. Sathyamala, gave a public talk at Cape Town University on the paradox of reprodcution in Southern Africa and India. She outlined  the politics of anti-natalism, especially the risks of the promotions of long-term injectables on women.

In the cross-disciplinary two-day workshop, the presenters sought to develop a better understanding of the paradoxes of reproduction and their impact on women in the global south, especially in the context of South Africa and India.

The proceedings will be published in a special journal issue later this year.

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