'Re-drawing the economy: creating place-based images that can travel'

Wendy Harcourt part of team to win Antipodes Grant

Wendy Harcourt is a member of a research group to be awarded an Antipodes Grant for the project: Re-drawing the economy: creating place-based images that can travel.

The group is further composed of Professor Katherine Gibson and Dr Stephen Healey at University of Western Sydney and Professor Jenny Cameron at the University of Newcastle, authors of Take Back the Economy (TBTE).


Project activities

Wendy will be working with the team leading a Pedagogical Design Lab to produce a teaching module (largely visual in nature) to be used by:

Other activities to be held in 2017 include Re-drawing the Economy Workshops in Asia, Latin America and Europe with collaborative analysis of local examples of community economic activity to capture the innovations and ethical dynamics at work and produce new images of TBTE tools that can communicate to wide audiences beyond each place.

This will include a video conference and a digital exhibition of images that re-draw the economy. The images will be curated by the 3 activist artists displayed on www.communityeconomies.org and on websites of organizations affiliated with this project.