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Eveline Crone

Young people are heard, but not taken seriously. Many people on the street agree on that. But why should you really listen to young people? Professor Eveline Crone and PhD student Kayla Green of the Erasmus Society, Youth & Neuroscience Connected (SYNC) Lab are doing research on this, together with young people.

Kayla Green in video over SYNC Lab

Why should we listen to young people? - Erasmus SYNC Lab

"We see that the brains of young people are very flexible," explains Kayla Green. "And that translates into great creative ideas." It is precisely for this reason that it is important that each new generation is given the space to make their voices heard and bring them into society.

"Different priorities are being set"

According to Eveline Crone, the fact that the voice of young people is not properly heard in our society has to do with the fact that other priorities are being set: "What we would like to do in the Erasmus SYNC Lab is to make a difference in this. We know, for example, that if young people are given the opportunity to have their voices heard, this gives them strength and improves their well-being. In terms of policy, too, it can yield a lot if you include the voice of young people."

Are you curious to know how the Erasmus SYNC lab contributes to seriously listening to young people? Watch the video above.

PhD student
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Read more about the work of Erasmus SYNC Lab.

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