Renovation Tinbergen building

The Tinbergen building (previously the H building) is due to undergo an extensive renovation that will have great impact on all employees of the Erasmus School of Economics. To ensure a smooth process an external agency has been hired to help us articulate our wishes and ideas regarding the renovation. The entire renovation will be supervised by the Erasmus Facility Services (EFB).

Temporary relocation of staff as of September 2017

For the renovation a relocation of the entire staff of the Erasmus School of Economics to temporary accommodations within the Woudestein campus will take place from September 2017. The Tinbergen building will be completely vacated from the fourth floor up. A phased vacation has been abandoned since it would cause too much of a disruption for the organization.

The expectation is that all staff of the Erasmus School of Economics will return to a fully renovated and refurnished Tinbergen building in September 2019.

User group to express wishes of our staff

A user group, consisting of representatives from all departments, will consult with the external agency to ensure that our wishes and ideas will be into the final design. They will also keep their colleagues informed on the progress of the renovation. For questions and comments please contact your department’s representative.

Survey and work place inquiry

Very soon an online survey will be opened in which employees of the Erasmus School of Economics, the opportunity will be able to put their wishes forward. You will receive notice via email when this online survey will be accessible. If you wish to influence the final design of our new building, we strongly recommend that you fill out this survey and make your wishes heard.

In addition, a work place inquiry will be conducted to determine the occupancy of all rooms in the Tinbergen building. This inquiry takes place in week 12, starting on 16 March and in preparation for this all workstations will be tagged with a so-called occupancy sticker. You will be further notified about this in an upcoming email.

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