Research Integrity congress: challenges, commitments and culture

Over the past years the scientific community in The Netherlands has been alarmed by a number of cases of fraud and serious misconduct. They received extensive media attention, even worldwide. 

Behavioral and social sciences, management studies and the medical sciences have all been affected and renowned scholars were dismissed, among them professors of Erasmus University and Erasmus Medical Center. The question "What can we do about this?" is the main question of the congress: Research Integrity: Challenges, Commitments and Culture on June 18th, 2015 in the Erasmus MC.

Keynote speakers are professor Lynn Stout (Cornell, USA) and Ann Tenbrunsel (Notre Dame, USA). The aim of the congress is to gather an audience with an uncompromising willingness to lay bare human follies, blind spots and institutional flaws: the real threats. Renewed rules of conduct and codes of good practice have got fresh authority. So far, so good. However, they cannot do the whole job. A change of culture, the re-consideration of inherent values in our practices and permanent training activities should supplement our institutional policies. But these can only be successful if one is prepared to take insights of the social and behavioural sciences and humanities seriously. The congress includes lectures, theater, workshops and public debate.

Date: June 18th, 2015
Time: 09:00-18:00h
Venue: Erasmus University Medical Center, Onderwijscentrum Collegezaal 2

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