Research ‘Testing for your Future’ will not be continued

The participating educational institutions (Albeda, Hogeschool Rotterdam, Erasmus MC and Erasmus University Rotterdam) in the Test for your Future project have decided not to continue the study.

Appeal upheld

The project was delayed because the Medical Ethics Review Committee (METC) issued a negative opinion. The collaborating educational institutions, represented in the Tests for Your Future project team, lodged an appeal against the decision of the Medical Ethical Testing Committee with the Central Committee on Research Involving Human Subjects (CCMO). The CCMO recently upheld the appeal lodged against the decision of the METC (that the research should not go ahead), and thus decided that the research may still be conducted.

The institutions involved remain convinced of the usefulness and necessity of the study, but current events are making heavy demands on the available capacity at the institutions, which is why they have jointly decided to stop the study.

More attention to self-testing

The attention for self-testing in higher education, including Testing for your Future, has put the use of rapid tests on the map. This applies both to visits to campus or school and to engaging in activities in the private lives of students and staff.

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