Revamped education portal MyEUR launched

The ultimate objective of MyEUR is to give students access to all the information relevant for their studies, shown at one single location, accessible via any device. MyEUR is a student-centred product. A student panel was involved throughout the development of the project to provide input on the user needs of students.

Development of will continue after its launch. What is now available is just a start for what’s in store. New functionalities will be added periodically, making MyEUR an even more comprehensive and valuable resource for students.

The development team encourages all students to regularly visit so they can see which new functionalities have been added. Students can also leave feedback on the portal so the development team can improve MyEUR where needed. The goal is to create a portal that effectively meets the needs of the key end user: the student.

More information

Wilco te Winkel, Product Owner MyEUR



MyEUR animation

MyEUR product demo