Publecture by Lydia Baan Hofman
PhD Candidate ESPhil and the Dynamics of Inclusive Prosperity Initiative

A Room of One's Own?

On the 12th of June Lydia Baan Hofman, PhD Candidate at ESPhil and the Dynamics of Inclusive Prosperity Initiative, gave a publecture on Virginia Woolf and Donna Harraway. The publecture was hosted by ERA, the faculty organisation of the Erasmus School of Philosophy. 

Virginia Woolf pleads that any writer needs at least A Room of One's Own (1929) with a lock on the door. Paradoxically, contemporary thinker Donna Haraway praises Woolf's ability to think engaged with the world, precisely not in isolation. In this pub lecture for philosophical study association ERA, Lydia traced some lines in Woolf's essay that shed more light on this paradox between isolation and engagement. Can we say that every thinker and writer needs not only four walls, but also a place one has the right to be and is 'normal', i.e., an inclusive space? What effects do material circumstances like food have on thinking? And is it even possible to think alone?"

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Lydia Baan Hofman

Baan Hofman's research interests lie in (intersections between) ecophilosophy, (feminist) science and technology studies and aesthetics. In her PhD project, she elaborates Donna Haraway’s notion of response-ability towards the urgencies of climate change.