Rosalba Icaza, Guest Editor of the special issue 'Decolonizing the University' of the Dutch Journal on Gender Studies.

Senior Lecturer Rosalba Icaza edited the special issue on the theme 'Decolonizing the University' of the Dutch Journal on Gender Studies (Tijdschrift voor Genderstudies) with Sara de Jong, Sophie Withaeckx and  Rolando Vazquez.

In English, this special issue diagnoses the gendered colonial legacies underlying the modern university through practical examples, novel methodologies, and interventions in curricula and the academy.

Contributors are leading experts based in universities in the Global South and North. The call for papers was very successful and a second special issue is been planned for 2018.

Table of Contents

Editorial - Authors: de Jong, Sara; Icaza, Rosalba; Vázquez, Rolando; Withaeckx, Sophie

Decolonising the classroom - Authors: Parker, Patricia S.; Smith, Sara H.; Dennison, Jean

‘I am still hopeful’ - Author: Icaza, Rosalba

Contesting the imperial agenda. Respelling hopelessness - Authors: Heinemann, Alisha M.B.; do Mar Castro Varela, María

‘Two steps forwards, one step back’ - Authors: Withaeckx, Sophie; Essed, Philomena

Being an Indonesian feminist in the North - Authors: Adriany, Vina; Pirmasari, Desy Ayu; Satiti, Nur Latifah Umi

Decolonising universities - Authors: Suransky, Caroline; Pitstra, Froukje; Toyana, Lihlumelo

Decolonising the classroom - Author: Autar, Louise

‘No democratisation without decolonisation’ - Authors: de Ploeg, Max; de Ploeg, Chris

Decolonising Theatre and Performance Studies - Author: Bala, Sruti