Rotterdam is greener than you think!

Source: Wikifrits

The city of Rotterdam is relatively green, but residents in the centre have a different experience. So, the mayor and municipal executive want to improve city life by adding even more green.

And they’re already doing it, reports NRC Handelsblad. There will be a new city park in the centre close to the Laurenskerk, a green spot at the Schouwburgplein, and the planted river bank at the Scheepvaartkwartier. Even a small patch of grass next to the Markthal has become a popular spot for employees on a break.

So, concludes the author of the article: the city council should resist the temptation to commercially exploit such green patches in the city and consider their popularity as an inspiration to continue greening the city up.

Also a fan of the city park? Check out this list of 11 Rotterdam parks you just have to visit!

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