Rotterdam Student Rowing Club Skadi receives ‘Sport Plus’ designation

On 19 January 2017, the Rotterdam Student Rowing Club Skadi received the ‘Sport Plus’ designation from alderman Adriaan Visser. This designation was awarded in recognition of Skadi’s civic activities and values ‘Skadi for Rotterdam’. Skadi is a newcomer in the list of 22 Rotterdam-based sport associations and clubs having the ‘Sport Plus’ designation.

Sport Plus stands for Rotterdam-based sport associations and clubs that take on a broader role in the civic arena. Some examples of this include facilitating sport activities for Rotterdam residents on social assistance and offering opportunities for sport to people with impairments. Rotterdam Sportsupport supports these organisations in their civic activities.

Rotterdam-based sport associations can participate annually in an assessment process to be eligible for ‘Sport Plus status’. An assessment committee commissioned by Rotterdam Sportsupport examines a number of factors including the quality and quality control measures in place for social activities, internal organisation, public safety, and finances. Sport associations that obtain a positive assessment then receive the Sport Plus designation. Depending on the club’s score, the designation is valid for a period of one, two or four years.

Alderman Adriaan Visser: ‘Sport Plus associations are essential partners for carrying out Rotterdam’s policy for sport. They undertake numerous activities enjoyed by residents of Rotterdam while also contributing to their personal development. These Sport Plus associations help improve the city and the lives of its residents.’

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About the photograph: President Ward Veenman (R) receives the Sport Plus designation from alderman Adriaan Visser (L).

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