Safe@EUR: low-threshold central reporting point for unwanted behaviour

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This summer, Safe@EUR was launched at Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR). This is a central hotline that helps students, staff and visitors when they want to report inappropriate behaviour. People can also contact the hotline if they want support, or are worried about someone else, but are not sure where to turn. This can be done anonymously.

With the hotline, our university aims to make requests for help and the reporting of undesirable behaviour as accessible and low-threshold as possible. There is a wide range of support and expertise, both inside and outside the university walls. However, sometimes you don't know who to turn to: which support person can best help with your specific request for help in response to undesirable behaviour? Safe@EUR's specially trained case managers will guide you in determining the right direction in addressing your request for help.

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Who is safe@EUR for?

Safe@EUR is there for students, employees but also visitors to the university. Case manager Gaby van der Sanden: "We are also approached by people who sometimes do not want to do anything with a report immediately, but would like it to be reported, to be registered. These reports are very welcome. Also, when someone is worried about someone else's well-being, they can come to us." In addition, you can also come to the hotline if you are accused of unwanted behaviour and need advice and guidance as a result.

What kind of report can I go with?

The hotline is there for you if you feel unsafe within Erasmus University Rotterdam due to undesirable or worrying behaviour. This could be discrimination, harassment, sexual harassment, bullying, stalking or other threats to you as a person.

The hotline is committed to ensuring that appropriate support is available quickly for every situation. The hotline has short lines of communication with the team of experts on worrying behaviour. This is a team of experts who can think along if an urgent and worrying situation arises.

Prof.dr. Annelien Bredenoord
Ed van Rijswijk

Prof Annelien Bredenoord, rector magnificus EUR: "Our university is a big organisation, I still meet new people every day. I see students in the prime of their lives: a formative, and therefore vulnerable phase. It is important that people know where they can turn if they don't feel safe, because a safe environment is a prerequisite for continuing to develop yourself. The Safe@EUR hotline is part of our integrated approach to social safety, in which we focus on prevention, low-threshold reporting structures and modern leadership."

Case manager Chinello Ifebigh: "It would be good if social safety becomes a topical and accessible topic of discussion, that it becomes easier to talk about this topic. I hope our hotline on campus becomes as well known as a big coffee chain. Everyone knows where it is, and what to expect. Even if you never go there, you know where to go áf you need it or something."

How can Safe@EUR be reached?
You can reach Safe@EUR in different ways. Students and employees can report 24/7 to Safe@EUR through the online report form. On this form, you can also indicate whether you would like to be contacted for an appointment. An appointment can take place online, at Safe@EUR's office (m6.11) or at another location on campus. In addition, the hotline can be reached by phone on weekdays between 9.30 and 12.30 (010-4089999). If you are not a student or staff member, you can email There will also soon be a monthly physical walk-in hour for students.

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