'Same storm, different boat' - finding solutions to climate change

Dr Daphina Misiedjan on Dutch TV programme Brainwash Talks
Daphina Misiedjan - Brainwash - Omroep Human - August 2021
Dr Daphina Misiedjan on Brainwash Talks
Anna van Kooij

Not everybody has the same opportunities for a good life. The place where you are born determines the opportunities you get, including the chances of a healthy life.

On Sunday, 22 August, Dr Daphina Misiedjan will be speaking about this on the Dutch television programme Brainwash Talks.

Daphina Misiedjan - Brainwash Talks - OmroepHuman - August 2021

Climate change and environmental pollution affect people in different ways. While some have the means to protect themselves, others do not. In her research, she’s seen how difficult life is without access to clean water and fertile soil in counties such as Yemen, Surinam and South-Africa. But also here in the Netherlands, people’s lives are shortened due to a bad living environment.

How do we deal with this in the context of climate change when we all have the right to a healthy life? And what are Daphina’s insights as a researcher and lawyer in trying to translate solidarity the right to a good life into law and policy?

Watch the broadcast (in Dutch) on Sunday, 22 August at 13:35 on NPO2.

Assistant professor

Dr Daphina Misiedjan

Assistant Professor in Human Rights and the Environment

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About Brainwash Talks

This series of Brianwash Talks, recorded on 30 May 2021 in de Brakke Grond, is a collaboration between HUMAN, Brainwash Festival and the Flemish-Dutch house for culture and debate DeBuren.

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