Soccer players of two nationalities, who do they have to play for?

Roy Borghouts

Football players of dual nationality, for whom should they come out? A debate between Jacques Brinkman, Houssin Bezzai and Gijs van Campenhout at De Nieuwe Maan.

More and more Moroccan-Dutch top players are opting for the Moroccan team, such as Hakim Ziyech, Sofyan Amrabat and Oussama Idrissi. At first, similar top players always came from the Netherlands, but in recent years they increasingly choose for the Moroccan team. NTR program De Nieuwe Maan, invited several experts to discuss this. 

Former professional footballer Houssin Bezzai told us that it was an honour for him to play for Morocco, because his parents come from there. Former international hockey player Jacques Brinkman thought that if you grew up in the Netherlands and played in the youth teams of the Dutch national team, you should choose the Netherlands.

Gijs van Campenhout, historian at Erasmus University, stated that there are several loyalties that you can attach yourself to, such as several objects, people and regions. 

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Gijs van Campenhout

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Listen back to the broadcast of De Nieuwe Maan of 29 March.

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