Students compete to win RTL Z stock market game

An all-women team and an all-men team of investment association B&R Beurs are involved in the two-month RTL Z stock market game. Their goal is to win the competition by achieving the biggest gain with their investment portfolio. The teams do not only compete with each other, but thousands of other contestants as well.

The RTL Z stock market game is a competition organized by RTL Z in collaboration with ING sprinters, an investment vehicle intending to profit from rate fluctuations. Students from investment association B&R Beurs participate and share their strategy for the following months.

The women’s team

The women’s team, consisting of five ambitious students, is mainly focussing on stocks that are sensitive to events. Some of the events which are anticipated to have an impact on stock prices in the near future are the United States presidential election and news concerning the global pandemic. The students constantly check newspapers and other media to update their portfolio as soon as any change in the stock market is due. In order to diversify their portfolio, the ladies focus on different sectors such as e-commerce and pharmaceuticals.

The men’s team

The investment portfolio of the men of B&R Beurs is vastly different from the women’s team, despite the fact that they focus on event-driven businesses as well. The men’s team is striving to combine hedging and more volatile investments in order to optimise their chances of making a hit with one of their risky investments. Since the duration of the competition is short, they are willing to take some more risks in order to increase their likelihood of winning. Some of the team’s investments are in oil and gold.

More information

You can see the items of RTL Nieuws, 22 and 28 October 2020, here and here.

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