Temporary access to all history and philosophy ebooks from Oxford Scholarship Online

The EUR has access to all e-books in the History and Philosophy collections of Oxford Scholarship Online for a year. These collections contain books like ‘Politics of Time’ by Prathama Banerjee and ‘Resisting reality’  by Sally Haslanger. The e-books can be found via sEURch and via Oxford Scholarship Online.

This access is part of an ‘evidence based acquisition’ pilot: we have access for 12 month, after this period we use the usage statistics to decide which books we buy for permanent access.

Are you a teacher and do you use an ebook from these collections? Please let your Faculty Liaison know, to make sure the book will be accessible after the pilot.

The EUR has also access to the Oxford Scholarship Online collections Economics and Finance, Law, Psychology and Public Health and Epidemiology, on a subscription basis.

More information

Pieter van Leeuwen Faculty Liaison History, Arts and Culture and Media and Communication

Judith Gulpers – Faculty Liaison Philosophy and Psychology