The Kurzweil software program has been replaced by a new software program; TextAid from Readspeaker. Textaid is a program specially developed for people with dyslexia.

The principle is the same as with Kurzweil, TextAid only works via the Readspeaker Cloud, which gives it some advantages. As an aid to studying and / or working, it reads for example your texts and marks the read texts. For a short introduction video, click here.

In some cases, the use of TextAid during exams can be assigned to students with dyslexia. Contact the study adviser of your study program to see whether this is a possibility for you.

Use of Textaid for home study
Thanks to the Cloud, TextAid also offers the possibility to create an account for home study. This way you can easily read long texts at home with the help of reading software. If you would like a personal account for home study, send an email to smf@eur.nl.