"Thanks to the Pre Academic Programme, I have a network of students and teachers I can always turn to"

The transition from high school to university can be a big step for many freshmen. That's why Imane Wijsman took part in the Pre Academic Programme (PAP): "This summer school focuses on personal leadership. I wanted to learn skills that are needed to study well, which is why I signed up." Prospective students can sign up for the programme until 1 July. 

"Before I went to university I didn't feel as smart as the rest"

Imane knew from an early age that she wanted to go to university. During secondary school, she went from mavo to havo, eventually ending up at vwo. "Because of my dyscalculia, I noticed that I sometimes lacked self-confidence in my abilities. I did well in the subjects, but I still felt that I was not as smart as the rest", says Imane. When Imane applied to study at Erasmus University Rotterdam, she thought it was important to gain skills that would help her study correctly. That is why she decided to enrol in the PAP that took place in the summer before her studies started.

The programme

After the introduction to the PAP, Imane attended workshops on personal leadership, equality, and inequality, among others. She learned during the PAP what studying is all about and how to plan best. "During my studies, I had to do my best, and the PAP gave me the right tools to study more efficiently," Imane says. There were also personal stories from student assistants about problems they encountered while studying: "This made me realise that everyone has their own pace and level, nobody is perfect", she explains.

"Because of the PAP I now have a network of students and teachers I can always turn to"

One of the biggest benefits Imane has experienced through her participation is that she now has a large network of tutors and fellow students: "Because of the PAP, I often run into familiar faces on campus and I can always go to people for help when I have study-related questions."

Imane has been a PAP mentor herself and therefore encourages everyone to apply: "I can recommend the programme to everyone, you build a network and get to know lots of people. This has given me many opportunities I can use during my further career."

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