Total global debt tops 325 percent of GDP

Erasmus School of Economics

Bas Jacobs, Professor of Public Finance and Economic Policy at Erasmus School of Economics, is part of the Economist panel of the Dutch radio station BNR Nieuwsradio on 8 January 2018. He will be part of this panel together with Steven Brakman, Professor of International Economics at the University of Groningen, and Menno Middeldorp, Chief Netherlands Economist at the Rabobank.

Amongst other things, the total global debt was discussed which rose to more than 325 percent of the GDP after government debt rose sharply. This was reported from the Institute for International Finance in their most recent Global Debt Monitor. In the panel discussion Bas Jacobs does not share the worries that many have concerning the increase of the total global debt.

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Click here for the entire fragment of the Dutch radio station BNR Nieuwsradio, 8 November 2018.