The Uber of the property rental market

In 2011, Fabian Dudek moved from Germany to start at the Erasmus University, but couldn’t find a place to live. From there came the idea for his company, Nestpick, which helps people find an apartment online. 

In 2011, Fabian Dudek started his International Bachelor Economics and Business economics at the Erasmus School of Economics. His search to find a room in Rotterdam, first seemed to be one of his struggles, but ended up being his most important eye-opening moment.  He founded the online property rental platform Nestpick, striving to be the Uber for rental properties. In only a few years, Nestpick has grown to be a company operational in 9 different countries, with +-70 employees, 200 freelance photographers and were injected with a capital investment of over 11 million dollars from Rocket Internet (early investor of HelloFresh and Zalando).


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