Update renovation and relocation to E and N buildings #1

Due to the impending renovation of the Tinbergen building, the preparations for the relocation have started. In all likelihood, the move to the E and N buildings will be carried out during the 2017/2018 Christmas period. As you may be aware, Erasmus School of Economics will move into the E and N buildings for a period of approximately two years.

There is still a lot of work to do, but we are now able to share a few of the basic plans. Based on an inventory, improvements and adaptations will be made to the N and E buildings. As we speak, the IT department has already begun to optimise the Wi-Fi network in the N building.

Erasmus School of Economics will use most of the University Support Centre’s furniture/equipment. In the E and N buildings, each employee will be allocated a maximum of 3 metres book-shelf space. The floors will be occupied in roughly the way shown below.

E building

  • ET (lowest floor): Econometrics
  • EB (main entrance level): Education Management (without tutor academy), Secretarial offices, Administration Tinbergen Institute
  • E1 (first floor): Economics, AAC (Business Economics)
  • E2 (second floor): Business Economics (Finance & Marketing), Tutor Academy (Education Management)

N building

  • NT (lowest floor): Study associations
  • NB (main entrance level): Study associations
  • N1 (first floor): Applied Economics
  • N2 (second floor): Applied Economics
  • N3 (third floor): Applied Economics
  • N4 (fourth floor): Applied Economics
  • N5 (fifth floor): Administration Office ESE

In cooperation with the University Support Centre, Erasmus School of Economics has formed a team of relocation coordinators. The names of these coordinators/representatives are listed below:

  • Administration Office: Tineke Kurtz
  • Education Management: Georges Span
  • Tinbergen Institute: Judith v Kronenburg
  • Economics: Ankimon Vernede
  • Econometrics: Lidewij Hickey
  • Applied Economics: Manuela Ettekoven
  • Business Economics: Linda Klaver and Tulay Varsili
  • Secretarial offices: Ramona Ligthart
  • Study associations: Robert Arends (Faector)
More information

If you have any questions regarding the relocation, please ask your own representative/relocation coordinator.

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