Update renovation and relocation to E and N buildings #3

The Dean announced that the relocation of Erasmus School of Economics to the E and N buildings is postponed to the summer of 2018. This is due to delays of several other housing projects on campus. 


At this moment we’re scheduling the exact period, for now we can say we’ll move in July, because we have to leave the building before August. Each workspace will be moved by a professional company, which has also moved other schools within the university. In the temporary buildings and in the renovated Tinbergen, there will be only 3 meters of book-shelf space available per person. So clean your office in time, we already have put some containers in the corridors and near the elevators.

When we have left the Tinbergen Building the process of renovated the whole building will be started. Together with USC and the architect, we’re finalizing the design and we still have one moment to respond to the design, the deadline for this is Friday 13 October. If you want to see the final design, please have a look in H16-02.

If you have any suggestions or questions, please contact the coordinator of your department, see the list below.

Who’s the coordinator of your department?

  • Administration Office: Janine Goedegebuur
  • Education Management: Georges Span and Janine Goedegebuur
  • Tinbergen Institute: Judith van Kronenburg
  • Economics: Ankimon Vernede
  • Econometrics: Lidewij Hickey
  • Applied Economics: Manuela Ettekoven - de Vaal
  • Business Economics: Linda Klaver and Tulay Varsili
  • Secretarial offices: Ramona Ligthart – van der Mast
  • Study associations: Thomas Michelotti  (FAECTOR)