"This vaccination location is ideal for a lazy student like me, haha"

At Campus Woudestein, students and employees can get vaccinated without an appointment. Around 60 shots per day are administered by the Rotterdam Municipal Health Service (GGD Rotterdam). "It's great that it's so accessible.”

Campus Woudestein is once again swarming with people. Students quickly grab a sandwich at the SPAR before going to class. Or they drink their smoothie on one of the benches in the sun. As if it has never been otherwise.

A few metres down the road, it's busy too. At the temporary vaccination location of the GGD Rotterdam, six people are queuing up to register for a vaccination. Students and employees can come here without an appointment between 09:00 and 16:00 hrs for the Pfizer vaccine, on the following days:

  • Monday 13 september
  • Tuesday 14 september
  • Tuesday 21 september
  • Wednesday 22 september
  • Wednesday 29 september
  • Thursday 30 september  

Family who works in health care

"I came out of the building with my study group and saw that you can get vaccinated here," says 22-year-old Lars, who is sitting in the waiting room with a plaster on his arm. "I had already scheduled an appointment a while back, but I had an accident that day and it never happened again. This location is ideal for a lazy student like me, haha. My girlfriend and a large part of my family works in healthcare, so I was regularly asked when I was going to get a shot. So now I have good news for them.”

Location manager Wim from GGD Rotterdam smiles. "We don't care what excuses people have for not being vaccinated yet. For example, there are students from Groningen who had their first shot there and have an appointment for their second. They can then have that cancelled, because they can get their second vaccination at this temporary location. That saves another trip to Groningen. We don't only administer shots, people can also come here for information about vaccinations. Because, of course, nothing is compulsory.”

Well arranged

On this sunny morning, most people speak English. Many international students seize the opportunity to get vaccinated without a lot of hassle. So did Vadim from Russia. "I heard from my Dutch fellow students that you can go here without an appointment for Pfizer, so for me this is by far the easiest way to get vaccinated. I am glad that this is so well organised. This makes travelling a lot easier for me."

Sitting next to Vadim is Venezuela-born Hilda, also with a patch on her upper left arm. When she saw on Instagram that a pop-up vaccination site was being set up at Kralingse Zoom, she did not hesitate for a moment. "I live in The Hague and there the waiting time to get a vaccine was very long. Today, I started my new study program and I could easily combine my lessons with getting a shot. I do this mainly because I think it is important to protect the vulnerable. So this shot is mainly for them, but of course also a little for myself. For example, it makes it easier for me to finally go to the cinema again. I don't think I have been there for two years. So I'm very happy about it."

About vaccinations

Inform yourself properly about the importance of vaccinations and make a decision based on that information. The higher the vaccination coverage, the more likely it is that we will be able to return to physical education without any restrictions. We can all contribute to the opportunities for physical education.

Read more about corona vaccination

Should you have made the choice to have yourself vaccinated against the coronavirus, you can easily visit the vaccination booth on campus Woudestein on the days mentioned above without an appointment.

This article was first published on hogeschoolrotterdam.nl

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