Van Berkel and Van der Vlies to the ISCHE conference ‘Education, war and peace’

Marc van Berkel and Tina van der Vlies will present a paper on the International Conference for the History of Education: ‘Education, War and Peace’. The conference will be held in the Institute of Education, 23-26 July 2014. For more information, please visit:

Van Berkel will present his paper "How National is the Holocaust? Holocaust Representations in History Textbooks in West-Germany and the Netherlands 1960-2010’. He seeks to compare, within the context of a dynamic historical culture, representations of the Holocaust in history textbooks in the Netherlands and the Federal Republic of Germany between 1960 and 2010. Similarities and differences in German and Dutch textbook portrayals of the Holocaust will be demonstrated and analyzed. A comparison between textbooks from both countries offers interesting insights in the way countries have dealt with their war histories.

Van der Vlies will present her paper ‘Multidirectional war narratives: World War II and the Spanish Armada’. Her paper focuses on English history textbooks. She will explore if and how narratives on World War II were incorporated into the canon of existing war narratives by analyzing whether the contents of older histories were interwoven within this new war writing. Moreover, she combines her visit to London with further research on English history textbooks.