Vidi grants for De Jong and Verwijmeren

Professors Martijn de Jong and Patrick Verwijmeren from the Department Business Economics at Erasmus School of Economics have both received a Vidi grant.

Martijn de Jong (Professor of Marketing Research) was awarded the grant for his research proposal “Online privacy in een geglobaliseerde wereld” (Online privacy in a globalised world). His research examines how people from different cultures deal with online privacy. What information do these people share and why? Does the shared information correspond? What are the consequences? How can privacy be better protected?

Patrick Verwijmeren (Endowed Professor of Corporate Finance) was awarded the grant for his research proposal “Handel met voorkennis opsporen”(Identifying insider trading). Although insider training is prohibited, there are indications that certain parties engage in insider trading when they have prior knowledge of future business financing. Detailed data is used to establish the instances in which this illegal trade takes place and how it can be prevented.

The Vidi grant of up to 800,000 euros is awarded by the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO) to researchers who, after obtaining their doctorate, have conducted research successfully for a number of years. These academics are among the top ten to twenty percent in their field. A Vidi grant enables them to conduct their research for five years. NWO selects Vidi laureates based on the quality of the researcher, innovative character of the research, expected scientific impact of the research proposal and possibilities for knowledge usage.

Dean of Erasmus School of Economics Prof. Philip Hans Franses is delighted with the performance of both De Jong and Verwijmeren: “Of the four Vidis awarded this year in the Netherlands in the field of Economics and Management, Erasmus School of Economics has received two and Rotterdam School of Management one. That says a great deal about the Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR) as the ‘place to be’ for top research!”

A total of 432 researchers submitted a Vidi application to the NWO. The NWO has awarded a Vidi to 86 researchers. Of these 86, 27 are women. These Vidi grants concern the applications from 2012. Supporting talented researchers in their academic career is an essential condition for academic innovation. That is why the NWO continues to be committed to promoting academic talent.

Vidi is part of the prestigious “Vernieuwingsimpuls”, the Innovational Research Incentive Scheme of the NWO, consisting of Veni, Vidi and Vici. These grants enable the NWO to offer academics at various stages of their career the possibility to carry out ground-breaking research and to encourage curiosity-driven and innovative research.

About the NWO

The Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research is the largest academic funder in the Netherlands, with an annual budget of over 500 million euros. The NWO stimulates quality and innovation in the academic discipline by selecting and funding the most promising research.  More than five thousand academics are able to conduct research thanks to NWO funding.

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