View our online exhibition of Surinamese poetry

A view of the first floor of the Leeskabinet alcove as seen from the stairs with a view on the bookshelves

The exhibition Powema tori: to hold our language high can be visited in the University Library and is now also available online. On display is a selection from our special collection of Surinamese poetry, with objects that bear a relation to the Sranantongo lines of poetry.

The digital exhibition also contains the exclusive recording in which Hermine Haman, accompanied by percussionist Carlo Hoop, performs Eddy Bruma's poem Boni Doro. A video in which the poet Dobru recites the poem of Suriname, Wan Bon (One Tree), can be viewed as well. This is poetry that, in addition to being read, must also be heard and felt. The exhibition in the library runs until February 2023.

Read more about the collection of Surinamese poetry and the exhibition in the UL.

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